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When you choose to donate, you may give to the general fund or may choose a specific project:

  • Ongoing Care: The biggest impact on the children comes from ongoing care. The care not only includes such items as food, clothing, shelter, and medical care but also the consistent love and care provided by the staff. These children not only need to have their physical needs met but also need to be healed emotionally. Please consider this need and give what you can. This is our biggest need and it will change a child forever! Give Now
  • Scholarships – $6,000 - $9,000: One of the most effective tools in stopping the cycle of poverty is to provide an education. An education not only provides an individual with the skills to earn a living but it also exposes them to new worlds. The children gain self confidence and begin to realize their full potential. It is our goal to send the children on to college or a trade school upon the completion of high school. In addition it is our goal to build this fund so that when it becomes apparent that we have a student who meets the criteria we can fund the cost. Currently we have one such student. He would like to attend Zambia University and study agricultural. He is very qualified and has been in charge of all the gardens at the orphanage and oversees the animal projects. This degree is a perfect fit for him. Consider providing a share for $100. Give Now
  • Second Fish Pond – $2,000: The first fish pond we constructed has been extremely successful and has met all our goals. It has provided a source of protein for the children at the orphanage and has been an important supplement to the food which is required to be purchased. In addition the excess fish are sold in the local markets to raise funds. It also teaches the children who care for the pond responsibility and provides a sense of accomplishment. The cost only reflects the funds needed to construct the pond. The local government has been very supportive and has agreed to provide the fish! Consider providing a share for $50. Give Now
  • School Building – $21,000: The public school system in Mozambique is very poor and lacking in almost every category. As a result a school has been started and developed at the orphanage. It has provided an excellent alternative for the children at the orphanage and in the surrounding community. Currently the school is providing classes for preschool through 5th grade. The school has been very successful and well received. In fact several local government leaders have enrolled their children. Well, all this success has resulted in every available building being utilized for classrooms. We are definitely in need of a school building. The building has been designed so that it can be built in three stages. Each stage will cost $7,000. Consider providing a share for $70. Give Now
  • Facility Upkeep – $6,700: The climate in Mozambique can be brutal. As a result there is always a need to make repairs to the buildings and grounds. There is a current need to rewire the dorms and paint the buildings. We believe well maintained buildings and the surrounding land promotes a healthy atmosphere and sense of self respect. Consider providing a share for $50. Give Now
  • Children’s Necessities – $6,000: To ensure children are safe and warm, blankets, bed sheets, mosquito nets, and other critical items are an ongoing need. Consider providing a share for $30. Give Now

Projects Completed! We consider each donor an important partner in bringing healing and life to the children at the orphanage. Thanks to their faithful and generous giving the following projects have been completed:

  • New Girls and Boys Dormitories: It was great to see the children’s eyes light up with excitement and gratitude to have a safe and secure place of their own.
  • A New Truck and Van: These vehicles have made a huge impact. The truck has provided the means to bring supplies to the orphanage and the van has been instrumental in transporting the children to school, town, and doctor visits.
  • New Guest House: A large guest house was completed which will provide housing for volunteers and an area for conferences and meetings.
  • Kitchen Equipment: The outdoor fires have now been replaced with electric stoves and a refrigerator!
  • Water Purification: Due to many generous donations we were able to complete the water purification project. The orphanage is now receiving clean and drinkable water from a new government system built by a Dutch Firm. The plumbing system at the orphanage has been improved and upgraded so that all structures have a source of water. The board, staff and children are extremely thankful to have this improvement completed. It is not only a huge time saver but also will improve the health of all the children and staff on the property.
  • Fencing: The orphanage now has fencing surrounding the property and new lighting. The safety and security of the children has always been a major concern. Thanks to several donors we have been able to address this fundamental need and provide measures to increase the security of the property.

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Mozambique is twice the size of California! Learn more about Mozambique.


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