December 2014 Newsletter
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Can you imagine the combination of excitement and apprehension the early explorers must have felt as a new land came into view just over the horizon? There were enormous opportunities and unending potential set before them. However, to realize these opportunities and potential they had to fit together many puzzle pieces. It required the entire community of people to work together in order to complete the puzzle and ultimately fulfill their dream.
Looking back over the year I would have to conclude that CFO has encountered exciting new horizons, lots of puzzle pieces and a dynamic community. We are enthusiastic and challenged by these new horizons.
Peter Drucker commented, “The bottom line of a nonprofit is changed lives.” Here at CFO this has always been our goal. Because of your ongoing support we have been able to express God’s love and work to change the lives of many children by fitting together puzzle pieces including education, food, health, protection, spiritual mentoring, and clean water. The lives of our kids have been dramatically affected this year by the growing school, a stable diet, malaria medications, a new security fence, a completed prayer chapel, and a new water system.
As we have navigated through this year, new horizons have emerged. We have been given the opportunity to assist with several developing outreaches near our orphanage. One such ministry has been taken on by a couple, Daniel and Sarah Bell, who are overseeing the care of over a dozen orphaned infants. Another outreach is Chosen Children headed by a good friend of CFO, Renuka Jeyanayagam. Chosen Children is committed to addressing the physical, educational and spiritual needs of widows and children living in severe poverty. These are just two examples of new horizons which CFO has vetted. We are excited about the synergy these new opportunities bring along with our main work at the orphanage.
I love the acronym “TEAM” which stands for Together Everyone Achieves More! That pretty well sums up our feelings about our partnership with each one of you, our donors. If it were not for you many of the children at the orphanage would be in the streets and some would die a horrible death as the result of poverty and abuse. By God's grace you have helped change the present and future of 50 to 60 children who live at the orphanage and provided us with the resources to bring help and hope for a growing number of orphaned children in the vicinity.
As our horizons grow and we continue helping with the needs of the children at the orphanage we need assistance from our community, you! As a board our ability is limited to reach more potential monthly donors. We would appreciate it if you would share our work in Mozambique with friends, family, and colleagues. It is our goal to add sixty new monthly donors who have an interest, passion and ability to partner with all of us in bringing the love of God and His healing and hope to some amazing kids who might just be future leaders of Mozambique!
Thank you,
David W. Zimmerman, President
P.S. Please note our new mailing address for correspondence and donations:

35865 Calle Nopal, Temecula, CA 92592
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