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March 2015 Newsletter

Dear Friends of CFO,
This month we want to celebrate two lives. It is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the life of Erin Mitchell as she just celebrated her birthday for the 18th time since living in Mozambique. It is also appropriate to celebrate the life of Clarisa Sipiya who is a close friend of Erin's and has been working at the orphanage for 14 years.
Erin went to Mozambique as a 20 year old back in 1997. So much has happened in those years. Erin’s dedication through impoverished conditions, sickness and sometimes nearly intolerable weather has been an inspiration to us all. Her job has always involved working with the youngest children which is where her heart lies. Most recently she has been teaching preschool at our school at the orphanage. When not teaching, she is spending time with the girls tutoring, playing games or just hanging out with them.
Clarisa has been in Mozambique since 2001 when she came from her home in Zimbabwe to help Simon take care of her Aunt Charity (the director Simon's wife). Charity had become paralyzed in her 20's before marrying Simon. Tragically, Charity died in 2014. Clarisa chose to stay on at the orphanage and has worked in many capacities from cook to teacher to counselor for the older girls. She currently teaches first grade. Clarisa lost both of her parents and most of her siblings and is like a daughter to us.
Last year Erin and Clarisa came to California. Clarisa experienced life in the U.S. for the first time ever and had some amazing experiences. Clarisa unexpectedly was diagnosed with a serious medical condition which was resolved through surgery that was taken care of by a local doctor and hospital (amazingly all expenses were covered by them). Clarisa's life would have been in jeopardy if her condition was not properly diagnosed and taken care of. This past fall, Erin suffered health issues as well. She was diagnosed with a severe form of glaucoma. She had to travel to South Africa for urgent laser treatment on her eyes.
Both women also fall prey to malaria multiple times each year. They don't get much time away from the hustle and bustle of the orphanage and the responsibilities involved. We salute their dedication, their desire to serve God and the children, and their sacrifice of giving their lives to bring hope to these dear children.
They thank God for your giving which makes it possible to run the orphanage and which helps them to know that there are wonderful people on this side of the world giving, praying, and caring. Your part is invaluable and deeply appreciated.
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