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Daniel and Sarah Bell

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Daniel and Sarah Bell family

Daniel and Sarah will be working at Maforga Christian Mission outside of Gondola, Mozambique. They will be helping with the work of the 0-7 age group of orphaned children. Their work will include providing general care, healthcare, food, and education.

The Bells have spent time in Mozambique doing short term projects during the past 3 years, but this will be a long term stay and a big change for their family.

There are about twenty children (the number changes regularly) in their age group right now. When the program is "open" again, there is the possibility that local agencies will send more children to Maforga. The need is great because the number of facilities for children in Mozambique is less than the need.

Sarah will be primarily responsible for overseeing the children, and the staff required to care for them. Daniel will be doing maintenance, gardening, administration, small group mentoring for some of the teen-aged boys at the orphanage and serving wherever needed.

Our Goal is to be Jesus’ hands and feet to the orphaned children in Mozambique at Maforga Christian Mission, and to lay the foundation for a generation of people who love the Lord, and will make His name known among their people.

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About Maforga Mission

Maforga Mission began in the mid-1980s with aid work led by Roy and Trish Perkins, with the help of many others, during the Mozambican civil war. When the war finally came to an end in 1992, rural Mozambique was devastated, and Roy and Trish, and many others, stayed at Maforga to continue to help rebuild and restore the local area.

Over the years, emergency food programs, gardening projects, skills training, and a medical clinic, have served to meet physical needs, while a church, orphanage, school, a bible school, and caring Christian workers have worked to meet spiritual needs.

Currently, Maforga is an alliance of several missionaries, who cooperate together, while taking responsibility for projects and services that they have agreed to provide to the mission, and to the people of the surrounding area.

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