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Lumpy Land Roaming

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Lumpy Land Roaming and Caring for Orphans Traveling the Rough Roads to make Smooth Roads for Children

Lumpy heading down the road

Lumpy is the name of the truck which will carry the Stringer family from Tennessee to the Oregon coast on the backroads. Yes, you read that correctly. The Stringer family (Doug, Louisa, Kora, Jilly, and Sephine) will navigate roads comprised of dirt, rocks, boulders, sand, and mud with the assistance of Lumpy, a truly remarkable vehicle. The Stringers completed the first leg of this amazing overland journey last year. They traveled from Tennessee to Colorado, and on the vast majority of the trip, Lumpy never touched paved roads. Their three children saw some incredible sights, met new friends, discovered small towns, and experienced the tranquil night skies bursting with stars. In addition, Kora, Jilly, and Sephine learned firsthand how to approach and overcome obstacles. The children were able to witness their parents (Doug and Louisa) deal with challenges as they navigated through the rough terrain and weather that brought downed trees, tornados, washed-out roads, and constant excitement.

Lumpy heading down the road

Beginning in July, Lumpy and the Stringers will be completing the second leg of this journey. The road less traveled will take them from Colorado to the Oregon coast. The adventure will take one month and cover 2,300 miles of some of the roughest terrain. If that was not enough of a challenge, the family decided to add another facet to the trip. They decided to partner with Caring For Orphans – Mozambique (CFO) to help bring emotional, physical, and spiritual healing to children in one of the poorest countries in the world. Just like Lumpy's journey, the family will work to help these children overcome mighty obstacles and let them also experience tranquil nights bursting with stars of promise and joy.

Here’s the deal: If you would like to climb aboard the Lumpy Express and join the Stringers and CFO in bringing joy to a lot of kids in need, then please consider pledging an amount per mile of the journey. For example, if Lumpy makes the entire 2,300 miles, and you pledge five cents, then your contribution would be $115; ten cents would be $230, etc. CFO is a 501(c)(3) U.S. nonprofit public charity, so all your donations will be 100% deductible for tax purposes. Our organization has been supporting more than 50 precious children and equipping the staff in Mozambique for over eight years. It has been an ongoing policy of the Board of Directors to cover all administrative costs. Therefore, 100% of your donation goes to help the children!

You will be able to follow Lumpy on Facebook - Lumpy Land Roaming. In addition, we will post occasional updates here on this page.

Thanks for your consideration in joining us on this amazing journey!

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Caring For Orphans – Mozambique is tax-exempt as a charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code. Your gifts are deductible for income tax purposes. You will receive a statement at the end of the year documenting your contributions. This statement will support your deduction for income tax purposes.


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The orphanage that CFO-MOZ supports is making great progress in moving towards self sufficiency. Learn more about the orphanage.

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