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Girl Scout Troop 499

"Girls Rock" Thanks Girl Scout Troop 499

The girls of Girl Scout Troop 499 have been instrumental in bringing new hope and a change of perspective among the girls at the orphanage. Through letter writing, continued contact, and gifts from the girls in California, the girls in Mozambique are beginning to realize they have significance and a great potential to accomplish wonderful things with their lives. Due to the encouragement from the girls of Troop 499, the girls at the orphanage are beginning to set their sights on education and careers in such fields as business, education, and medicine.

The leaders of Troop 499, Vicki Woods and Sherri Davis, have spearheaded an effort to start a sister troop at the orphanage. They have provided materials, uniforms, and badges to get them going. This summer the girls began meeting as a troop! THANKS TROOP 499!

In addition many girl scouts have been a tremendous help in raising the awareness of the needs of the orphans and in fund raising activities. They have provided materials and a fantastic collection of clothes. We truly appreciate all you have done. Hats off to Troops 1683, 2123, 1380, 1597, 264, 499, and 1715. Thanks for making a difference!

Previously Featured Supporters

Dan Swanson

Creative people find their own ways to support the efforts of CFO. This is Dan Swanson, a software engineer by day and the brains behind the CFO website on his own time. His vigilance keeps the site updated and efficient and has led us to many new friends with support and ideas for expanding our work. Because of the website, the work of CFO is shared easily and has been discovered by people all over the world including a boy in Australia and a young mother in Texas whose ideas and support have benefited the children. Many people know how important a good website is, but Dan has made it a reality - so the rest of us can see to our own roles in caring for orphans.

Thanks, Dan.

Jordan Thrower

Every year Susan Mitchell's students help contribute to the needs of the children in Mozambique. They learn about them through pictures, letters, and other sources. This past school year one student was especially helpful and inspirational to all with his generous giving. His name is Jordan Thrower. Every week different groups of kids would have a special box on their table and they would compete to see which group would bring in the most money that week. Jordan would go home and "rob" his OWN piggy bank (with parental consent). He would bring handfuls of quarters and dollar bills.

When asked about his generosity and what motivated him, he would say (very matter of factly), "I have everything I need. I don't really need anything, but they do". His classmates and teacher were inspired by his giving heart and the fact that he really understands how blessed he is and how great it is to bless others......"Out of the mouths of babes!" Thanks Jordan and the rest of Mrs. Mitchell's class! They raised over $300 dollars.

Jacob Swenke, Chuck Cheffer, and Ethan Swenke

Jacob Swenke was a student in Mrs. Mitchell's second and third grade classes. He heard about the orphanage in Mozambique often and was always intrigued about Mrs. Mitchell's daughter, Erin, and her work with the kids who have no parents. Now Jacob is in 4th grade and no longer in Mrs. Mitchell's class. He is not hearing about Erin as often, but he is still thinking about her and about those little kids in Mozambique.

This past Christmas, Jacob's grandfather, Chuck Cheffer, gave Jacob and his brother money. He told them that they had to give half of it away and spend the rest on themselves. So for Christmas Jacob presented Mrs. Mitchell with a check for $100 from himself and his little brother Ethan for the work in Mozambique. Jacob's grandfather is very motivated to teach his grandchildren the importance of giving to others, and the boys were eager to cooperate.

Thank you to Chuck and Jacob and Ethan for being so generous and having a very important perspective!


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