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At Caring For Orphans - Mozambique we like to think in terms of investing in the lives of children who have nothing rather than just making a donation. When you give to CFO-MOZ you become a partner with us and not just a donor. As a partner it is our intention to invest your funds in a manner which will bring about the greatest good possible. It is only through such a partnership that we can accomplish the following:

  • Immediate Impact: Provide for an immediate impact in the lives of the world's poorest children. We believe every child should have the opportunity to reach his or her greatest potential. Through your investment we can provide not only the basic needs such as medical care, nutritious food, clothing, and shelter, but we can also provide education and job training. It is our goal that the children of CFO-MOZ leave the orphanage prepared to be self supporting and ready to make a difference in their country.
  • Building Schools: Impact the future of Mozambique. This country is an extremely poor country with basically an inadequate or nonexistent educational system. With your help it is our vision to build a school to educate the children in the orphanage and surrounding area. It is very possible that the future teachers, doctors and leaders of Mozambique would come from such a school. What better way to serve a country than to provide it with citizens who are educated and have a moral base with education and a moral base from which to make decisions and lead.
  • Empowering Young Women: Protect the girls between the ages of 12 - 15 from arranged marriages or being forced into the sex trade so common in these poor countries. With your help and the dedicated staff we can provide these precious girls the opportunity to be educated and develop an honest sense of self worth. Yes, together we can break this ugly cycle and change the accepted protocol. Two girls
  • Transforming Lives: With your support we can transform lives by providing the staff in Mozambique with the required resources needed to raise children who knew no love in an atmosphere of love and care. These dear staff members who have sacrificed and given of themselves to this enterprise need our assistance. It truly is a partnership and everyone is needed to make it work!

We realize you have many options when it comes to supporting charitable organizations. We truly appreciate your consideration of investing in Caring For Orphans - Mozambique. Please know that 100% of your investment will be used towards the goal of helping the children. The Board of Directors has committed to personally meet all administrative costs associated with operating this organization. Thus, your contribution will only be utilized to meet the needs of the children!

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100% of your donation will be used to help the children.

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